The Institute policy is to offer full board and lodging to all students. There is however, a very limited room for day scholars to cater for private students who cannot afford to pay full training charged to Boarders. The Institute provides only a bed and mattress to Boarders who are also required stay in doubles in each room. Boarders are served with breakfast, mid day tea, lunch and dinner. Day Scholars are only provided with mid day tea and lunch during working days only. The Institute can accommodate 215 Boarders including 65 females. There are plans to increasing boarding facilities since the demand for technicians is high and likely to increase.

The Institute is not responsible for students’ health services. Prior to joining the Institute, students are required to undergo a medical check up and submit their medical reports to the Institute during registration. The Institute runs a dispensary but due to financial limitations it cannot cater for all staff and students medical needs. A fully equipped hospital is approximately 6 kilometres from the Institute. Emergency or complicated cases requiring a specialist’s attention are referred to Mount Meru –the Regional hospital or other Medical Centres. If admitted a student is provided with meals by the Institute but the medical costs will be covered by the student.

Catering services

The Institute owns a cafeteria that is operated by private individuals/companies. Students are responsible for administration of cafeteria services through Student Government. The Minister for Food who is representing the Student Government works with the cafeteria service providers on any matters related to cafeteria services. Any complaints or suggestions regarding catering should be reported to Student Government and the Cafeteria service provider. The Registrar of Students (RS) act as a link between the Institute and Cafeteria service providers on matters relating to the contract. The Institute is not responsible for the provision of food or the effects of food taken by students on or off the campus.

It is strictly prohibited to use Institute dormitories for cooking. Students are not allowed to keep any cooking facilities in their rooms. The Institute undertakes regular inspection in the dormitories to enforce this rule. Any student found guilty of keeping cooking facilities or cooking in dormitories will receive a penalty as determined by the Institute Management which is well stipulate in Student Rules and Regulations.

Social services and sports

The Institute has sports facilities including a soccer (football) pitch, grounds for basketball, volleyball and netball. Students have access to satellite television for educational and entertainment purposes in the evening and on weekends. Arusha city and its neighborhoods are also accessible to the students for social interactions and sports.

Participation of female students in sports